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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SCJP Certification

Sun Certified Java Programmer

I passed SCJP with score of 90+% in year 2004. I must say that with some hands on experience on java technology one can easily clear the exam, good news about it is passing score is just 52% ( Please check the latest info on sun site )

Preparation Tips :

First I bought Khalid Mughal’s SCJP Sun certification book which fully covers the expectation of exam and is truly a study guide. Also Kathy Siera’s SCJP certification book is preety much the same.

Thanks to google search engine where I found so many mock exam which were very helpful.

Wizlabs Simulator is more then enough for clearing the exam. It has few real time practice exams, customized exam where you can choose the particular topic etc…

How Much Preparation Is Enough?

This is a commonly asked question, but it is difficult to answer as the answer varies from person to person. Guy like me can take year as well :-)..

To prepare for SCJP, you must understand that each of the exam objectives can take a beginner anywhere from one month to six month or more to learn. As a whole one need to understand the oops concepts, core java concepts, syntax, grammer, rules etc

Also you need to have a good practice of objective type questions..

Some Tips and Tricks

Test Taking Tips and Tricks. (TTTT)

  • Prepare summary notes. Even though you may have read everything for the exam, having a few summary pages is a good idea. You can do a quick revision of all topics before the exam.
  • Get through with the concepts before actually taking practice tests or mock exams
  • Understand upcasting and downcasting concepts
  • Object oriented Programming concepts should be distilled clear.

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