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Monday, July 16, 2007

SCBCD Certification

Sun Certified Business Component Developer

I passed SCBCD with score of 90+% in year 2006. This was the first time where I understood EJB concepts. Overall I felt very comfortable and confident during this exam. More emphasis is given on Concepts and Specification on EJBs Technology.

Exam Info

Prerequisites: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (any edition)
Exam type: Multiple Choice and Drag and Drop
Number of questions: 70
Pass score: 64% (45 of 70 questions)
Time limit: 120 minutes

For more info regarding exam click on link.

Preparation Tips :

Just read Head First EJB by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates and you are half done. I would recommend this book because it covers all the objectives of this exam with a humorous way :).. Wizlabs or ejbplus simulator will be helpful after going through this book.

How Much Preparation Is Enough?

One month or so is enough for getting ready. But full concentration is required to understand the concepts in EJBS..

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

SCWCD Certification

Sun Certified Web Component Developer

I passed SCWCD 1.4 with score of 93+% in year 2005. It was quite tough compared to the previous version of exam. They just introduced SCWCD 1.4 version based on JSP 2.0 specification.
For more info regarding exam click on link.

Newly added sections are
1] Expression Language ( EL)
2] Custom Tag Library (Simple and Classic)

Exam Info :

  • Exam type: Multiple Choice and Drag and Drop
  • Number of questions: 69
  • Pass score: 62% (44 of 69 questions)
  • Time limit: 135 minutes

Preparation Tips :

I used "Head First : Servlets and JSP" and SCWCD Exam Study Kit Second Edition: Java Web Component Developer Certification by Hanumant Deshmukh which helped me in initial preparation for SCWCD exam. One really has to know Javabean and custom tags concepts, syntax throughly to pass this exam.I used couple of simulators such as Wizlabs, JPlus, certgear etc.

How Much Preparation Is Enough?

It is difficult to answer as I have mentioned earlier. The answer varies from person to person.
To prepare for SCWCD you must understand that each of the exam objectives which can take a beginner anywhere from two month to six month or more to learn. As a whole one need to understand the web development concepts specifically concentrate more on javabeans and custom tags added in JSP 2.0 specification.

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